Spectrofluorometer - Minitau

Spectrofluorometer - Minitau
Edinburgh Instruments The mini-tau is an economically priced, ultra-compact system for measuring fluorescence lifetimes based on the technique of Time Correlated Single Photon Counting (TCSPC). The system uses the TCC900 computer plug-in card for fast data acquisition and can recover lifetimes from approximately 50picoseconds and 50microseconds. The system is an ideal tool for measuring fluorescence lifetime in research, quality assurance and teaching applications. Edinburgh Instruments have now launched a series of Laboratory Teaching Kits which utilise the mini-tau to instruct graduate and postgraduate students in the measurement and analysis of fluorescence lifetime kinetics. The kit introduces TCSPC as the method of choice for fluorescence lifetime measurements.

The mini-tau consists of the following hardware :

- All inclusive package comprising measurements chamber with source and detector, PC and TCSPC plug-in board

- Sub nano-second pulsed LED or picosecond diode laser, with choice of wavelength

- Integrated electronics with repetition rate up to 20 MHz

- Safety interlocked sample chamber with lens optics, attenuator filter holder and liquid cooled cuvette holder

- Ultra fast, red sensitive single photon counting PMT, with optional Peltier cooled housing. Wavelength response 300-850nm

- Optional manually adjustable Glan Thompson polarisation prism

- T900 Windows application software for comprehensive data acquisition and analysis.

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