Environmental monitoring system / for clean rooms - APA 302

Environmental monitoring system / for clean rooms - APA 302
Pfeiffer Vacuum The APA 302 represents a unique in-line monitoring tool applicable for advanced chip manufacturing in clean room environment. The innovative equipment is specifically designed is measurement of airborne molecular contamination (in short AMC) in a FOUP and in the surrounding environment. The complete measurement is a real time process with a high sensitivity in the ppbv-range. During queue times, Moisture and Airborne Molecular Contamination (AMC) such as evaporated fluorine are released in the FOUPs slot-to-slot space.

These released elements can generate crystal growth on patterned wafers which further leads to yield loss and performance degradation. The APA 302 by Pfeiffer Vacuum samples the AMC through the FOUP filters. The measurement is carried out in 2 mn with a high sensitivity in the ppb-range through ion mobility spectroscopy, flame ionization detection or Fluorescence UV. When the load ports are free from FOUP, the APA 302 monitors the surrounding clean room environment proving an efficient contamination monitoring

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