Flight-time mass spectrometer / high-resolution - AccuTOF™ DART®

Flight-time mass spectrometer / high-resolution - AccuTOF™ DART®
Jeol DART is the latest ion source that can be used for fast analysis of specimen at atmospheric pressure and at ground potential under suitable environments. It needs no sample groundwork. DART has rapid pace recognition at atmospheric pressure. The ionization of the samples is established on the reception between the atoms or molecules that are provoked by electrons or resonance with the reagent molecules and polar/ nonpolar analytes.

DART is a devoted ion source that is ideal for the JMS-T100LC/LP/CS and high-resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometers (AccuTOFTM™). The DART-AccuTOF™ sequence allows pefect evaluation of compositions based on the accurate mass analysis. The target specimen are handled in any state, gas, liquid or solid. Precise chemical substances on the material surface are being analyzed without the need of preprocessing, such as - solvent eradication. The equipment is very effective as it provides instant results.

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