Gas detector system / hydrogen - HGD-2000 | Hydrogen Gas Detector

Gas detector system / hydrogen - HGD-2000 | Hydrogen Gas Detector
Eagle Eye Power Solutions The Eagle Eye's HGD-2000 Hydrogen Gas Detector enables the user to monitor hydrogen gas accumulated in storage rooms and facilities that store batteries, including forklifts, golf carts, backup power supplies, and battery charging stations. Lead-acid batteries on charge produce hydrogen gas after reaching the 80% recharge point.

When the unit is mixed with adequate air, hydrogen turns into a highly-combustible gas that can burn with just a spark, resulting in the devastation of equipment, and harming of personnel. The risks of hydrogen gas explosion are eradicated using the HGD-2000 hydrogen gas detector.

The unit is applicable for use in utilities and power plants, UPS power systems, fuel-cell test stations, nuclear waste reforming, hydrogen refueling stations, fire department, battery suppliers, battery charging rooms, motive power, and golf cart.

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