X-ray photoelectron spectrometer - Theta Probe

X-ray photoelectron spectrometer - Theta Probe
Thermo Scientific - Scientific Instruments and Aut Thermo Scientific Theta Probe is a small spot XPS instrument which has the unique ability to collect angle resolved spectra without the need to tilt the sample. It provides the capability to characterize ultra-thin layers non-destructively.

New and emerging technologies rely largely on the engineering of the near-surface region of a solid surface. These technologies include bio-medical devices, surface modified polymers and materials within advanced semiconductor devices. It is important that the composition of the first few nanometers is done perfectly for such materials.

Theta Probe is a unique XPS spectrometer that makes use of parallel angle resolved XPS (PARXPS). It has the advantage of the advanced software which deals with the ARXPS data and produce accurate and precise answers.

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