Air/water heat pump - 140 - 370 kW | S series

Air/water heat pump - 140 - 370 kW | S series
Base made of painted galvanised steel; panels made of galvanised
steel externally coated with plastic (PVC) film and mounted on aluminium
profiles to ensure total weathering resistance. Panels are
internally lined to reduce the noise level (LN Accessories only).
 Compressor
Reciprocating SEMIHERMETIC type, fixed on vibration isolation
mountings; complete with oil pump, crankcase electrical heater,
electronic protection, intercepting valves on suction and discharge
(mod. 015-20 HP); flexible joints on suction and discharge.
 Fan
Low speed, axial-flow fans fitted with accident-prevention protective
grille; directly coupled motor with built-in thermal cutout and IP
54 protection degree; aerodynamic housing and wing profile blades
increase efficiency and decrease noise level.
 Air heat exchanger
Finned coil made with copper pipes and aluminium fins offering a
high exchange surface area.
 Water heat exchanger
Shell and tube type, thermally insulated by vapour-proof closed cell.

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