Range finder laser - max. 40 m | DM40

Range finder laser - max. 40 m | DM40
HT The model DM40 is designed to measure distances between two points easily, quickly and efficiently thanks to the integrated laser pointer. Its small size makes it a completely portable tool for use under any condition and application (buildings, electricity filed, DIY, etc...) whenever a measurement of linear length is required. This tool also enables you to perform calculations of areas and volumes as well as indirect measurement of heights by using the principles of Pythagoras mathematical theorem. The management of simple operations with the internal memory (sums and subtractions) and a backlight display complete the features available for the instrument

Direct measurement of distances from 0.05m to 40m
Measurement resolution: 0.001m
Area and volume calculation
Height measurement by indirect Pythagoras method
Continuous (dynamic) measurements
Laser pointer activation on measurements
Setting of measurement reference
Selection of m or ft measurement units
Management operation with internal memory
Auto Power OFF

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