Image processing software - mvIMPACT SDK

Image processing software - mvIMPACT SDK
MATRIX VISION GmbH The mvIMPACT SDK by Matrix Vision is a software designed for machine vision and image analysis. This software enables a fast and quick operation of the system provided with a comprehensive library of image processing tools. It comes with a multi-channel having a different platforms which can be compatible in mvBlueLYNX. Plus, it is supported with C, C++, C# and VisualBasic coming from Microsoft which has supported compilers of visual studio 2005 and visual studio of 2008. The whole package of the software comes in a 30 days trial for ensuring that the user will have a great overview of the product. Also, its library offers a software architecture designed for the future having an object oriented design. The whole unit supports all type of Matrix Vision frame grabbers as well as intelligent mvBlueLYNX camera.

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