SDSL router - max. 15 km | INSYS sdsl

SDSL router - max. 15 km | INSYS sdsl
INSYS MICROELECTRONICS GmbH INSYS icom has led technology development in the field of industrial data communication and M2M technology. Its latest routers offer double the range of SDSL broadband routers, at up to 15 kilometres. The actual operating range of the signal depends on the quality and diameter of the telephone wire.
Unlike the claims of competitors, the INSYS router range was field-tested with actual, 0.8 mm telephone wires of 0.5 mm2 diameter which had been mended at several spots. Paired INSYS SDSL routers can establish two parallel SDSL channels to connect local networks, which can transmit up to 10.4 Mbit/s via standard telephone wires. These are industrial-grade devices and so can be applied in integrating remote Ethernet devices or complete networks with a different network. These serve as dedicated serial data transmitters by transmitting network data and serial data (RS232) at the same time via SDSL.

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