Volumetric flow regulator - 50 - 6 000 Pa | DPC 200

Volumetric flow regulator - 50 - 6 000 Pa | DPC 200
Arthur Grillo GmbH The ARTHUR GRILLO's differential pressure controllers of the DPC 200 series are in fact low-pressure gauges, that provide efficient measurement of small differential pressures from non-aggressive gases, mostly air. They have two modes of operation, as a measurement unit with outputs up to 10 V, or as PI controllers with a control variable output up to 10 V. In the PI control mode, the device can determine two set points via external contact. They feature a diaphragm element, pressures up to 6,000 Pa, a LCD display, adjustable measurement categories or measurement units. They are protected by a IP 54 housing, and can be delivered with the supply voltage from 10 to 30 V DC, or 24 V Ac (with a +/-15% variation).

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