Controller for blow molding machine - IEC 61131-13 | TMC-4

Controller for blow molding machine - IEC 61131-13 | TMC-4
MOOG The Moog TMC-4 can monitor functions and protect closed-loop operations to make them work with care. This works for smooth processes and high output totals with a closed-loop control setup. This may be adjusted with ease as it is very easy to figure out how to use the setup.

This unit can work with production functions with ease and can keep downtimes under control with a compact design that allows the user to integrate a unit into a control panel of another system. This is easy to install and can work with many kinds of retrofitted applications. In addition, the TMC-4 uses a 400 MHz processors with 128 MB of RAM and 32 MB Flash memory.

This has an EEPROM that operates at a cycle time of at least 100 micro seconds and uses four SSI master or slave links. This also uses four digital I/O standard bus links and two Can/CAN bus interfaces. The Profibus-DP slave and Dual EtherCAT master or slave data support features are also to the benefit of the user.

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