Tube drawing lubricant - CUT-setral-CST 2

Tube drawing lubricant - CUT-setral-CST 2
Setral Chemie GmbH Stamping and drawing fluid

Additional Information

Evaporating, stamping and drawing fluid with wear-reducing synthetic additives.


Drawing, deep-drawing, stamping and folding of sheets and profiles.
Suitable for steel and nonferrous metals.
For production of food packagings of tin and aluminium.


Reduces wear and tear
Evaporates quickly
Evaporates without residues
Extended lifetime of tools
Free from heavy metals and their compounds
Contains no chlorine
Harmless in application and use
Subsequent cleaning not necessary
Paint compatible, suitable for water-based and solvent based paints

Shipping containers

20l can
200l drum
other packaging on request

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