Bag closing machine - max. 4 p/min | Clean Pak II

Bag closing machine - max. 4 p/min | Clean Pak II
Premier Tech Chronos The Clean Pak II – Ultrasonic Sealer provides a Highly effective seals that prevent product contamination. It has a Small footprint that minimizes the required floor space and it is Retrofittable that can be easily mounted to STONEPAK Air and Impeller packers. This machine is equipped with BOSS (Bag On Spout Sensing), A laser detectors that ensures that the bag is properly installed on fill spout before machine is started. The equipment is Built for dust explosion environments and offers a touchscreen operator control with user-friendly interface. Furthermore, The Optimal product retention is provided for accurate finished bag weight so the sealed bags do not leak during conveying, stacking or shipping. It is ideal for food products like cornstarch and powdered sugars, to chemicals like carbon black and phosphates, including minerals like fuller’s earth.

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