Travel lift - 15 - 100 t | BFMII series

Travel lift - 15 - 100 t | BFMII series
Shuttlelift Marine Travelift has been leading the boat industry since 40 years by consistently engineering larger and better equipment with enhances basic functions and provisions making it the best global hoists. Currently, Marine Travelift provides boat cranes ranging from 15 to 1,000 ton ability ensuring its the most precise investment for your boat handling operation.

Additionally, the customer-centric engineers have created an exceptional set of functions and provisions that optimize the value for all consumers. Few of its special functions can be easily accessed though not all are available on each hoists on sale. You cant contact your local dealer for any additional details on certain versions. Some of its key features include Precise Pivot Trunnion, Patented 4-Wheel Steering, Ackerman Steering Principal etc..

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