Hot marking machine - DFS-260

Hot marking machine - DFS-260
LC Printing Machine Factory Limited The infrared positioning digital hot stamping machine is compatible with Windows Driver software and uses an SD card printing interface. The maximum printing thickness is 50 mm, the maximum printing length is 260 mm and the maximum printing width is 57 mm. The speed is 26mm/sec and the resolution is 300 dpi.

The machine can deal with various mediums such as paper, PVC, sticky notes, fabric, ribbon and leather. It operates at a power of AC 110v-240v and 50/60 Hz. The machine power is 150W and it has a working voltage of AC 220V and 60 Hz. The packing size is 68x68x55 cm with a gross weight of 40 kg and a net weight of 25 kg. It is utilized for numerous applications including card designs, gift, signs, personalized greeting cards, graphic hardcovers, images and celebrations.

The machine does not have plates or dies. It features a network output, a compact size, low energy usage and personalized stamping. It has an infrared light indicating the printing position.

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