Weighbridge - 1 500 kg, 500 g | KFP 1500V40M

Weighbridge - 1 500 kg, 500 g | KFP 1500V40M
KERN & SOHN This weighing bridge is made entirely out of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it durable and suitable for various applications in the industry. The construction is extremely resistant to bending and other factors, mainly because of the high material thickness. The weight plate made available by the manufacturer is fixed and comes with stainless steel screws, with the four load cells and IP68 rating completing the list of features.

The item can be built using pit frames, while the level indication and foot screws are fitted as standard, providing more accurate weighing results and easy access to the junction box from the top of the item. Finally, the comfortable weighing bridge adjustment is possible from above.

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